Just A Little Chat


Pawscar Awesome! It’s time.


Time for what?


No torture, just your blood pressure chicken slop.


Sounds like torture to me…..Yech! That tastes awful!


OK, now your little eye.




Just one little drop. There, that’s all. I’m done.


Sure you are…’til next time.

Hello, World!

We are getting a new website, thanks to Mom. She decided to convert us over to WordPress. We say, “It’s about time, Mom!”

Spatz Just Gotta Have Fun

The Means

I have discovered a great new way to have fun and annoy not only my fellow felines at the Funny Farm but also my parents. I got part of the idea from Gobblin’ Goopuss, but he just is not creative enough. I wait until Mom and Dad have been asleep for quite a while. Then I find Jou Jou B or Cara Mia, and jump on whichever one I locate. Then I start wrestling with my opponent, who gets very aggravated and growls and hisses at me. Sometimes the noise is sufficient to wake Mom or Dad…or even both. Dad always wants to know what’s going on. Mom just gets out of bed and chases the combatants apart, if I am not fast enough to run and hide. I like it best when I choose a time about a half hour or so before Mom’s alarm is due to go off. That way she probably won’t be able to get back to sleep.

The End

How do I justify such rascally behavior? Dad spends all day sitting at his computer with weird stuff on his head looking at moving pictures. He does not like it when I try to be friendly with him. Mom spends most of her days hiding from us. I am not sure she is even in the house at all. I am a handsome young kitty with needs to meet. One of those is to have fun.

Not Me This Time

The new year is only eleven minutes old, and already Mom can hear growling in the living room. She probably thinks it’s me again, causing trouble by jumping on one of her other cats. Hey, it’s NOT me. Don’t you remember, Mom, you put me in my cage when you fed me?

How could I get into trouble in here, Mom?

I think Mom should be more appreciative of her Christmas present (me) in 2016, don’t you?

November 2015: A Bad Month for the Funny Farm

November 2015 has been a bad month for the Feline Funny Farm. In fact, the whole year has been awful for us! This time it is our longest resident who has gone OTRB.

About Allicat

Allicat had kidney stones. They were discovered on an x-ray in 2009. Mom took her to the vet at recommended intervals for blood work to monitor her kidney values. Other than some dental extractions and other occasional minor health issues, our Googlie Girl remained fairly stable and generally happy. Her kidney values had improved slightly in June, and she got her vaccines in October.

In mid-November, Mom noticed that Googlie’s appetite was not quite up to par, and she was pawing her mouth between bites of canned food. Back to the vet she went on November 18. There was no apparent problem in her mouth, but the vet suspected a possible problem at or below the gum line. The vet cleaned her ears, noting some bacteria, and prescribed ear drops. She also collected blood and urine samples.

Two days later, Mom got the test results: Googlie’s kidney values had dropped a bit more, which seemed encouraging. The vet suggested that Mom bring Googlie back in for an antibiotic injection because she was still pawing her mouth and might have an infection in the gums. Upon reexamining Googlie, the vet also proposed a dental x-ray and possible dentistry in about a month’s time…until she noticed that Googlie was breathing rather heavily (which Mom had occasionally noticed at home). A chest x-ray revealed serious problems: Googlie’s heart was quite enlarged (due to a tumor or congestive heart failure), and there was fluid around her lungs. It was like having a ticking time bomb inside; when it “went off,” the results would be truly horrible for Googlie. The vet recommended euthanasia (which was not common), and Mom agreed. She held Googlie Girl as she said goodbye. Googlie was the oldest kitty, and had been with Mom and Dad since December 1998.

About the Vet

When Mom took Allicat to the vet that day, she had no inkling that she would be bidding her goodbye. As it happened, her cell phone had no charge at the very moment she wanted to take some farewell photos. Dr. C. was so kind! She took some photos with her own phone and sent them to Mom.

Mom says “goodbye” to Googlie Girl.

Farewell, Friends! Hello, Patch!

This will be my last post. Farewell, friends!

Yesterday Mom could tell I was not feeling well. I have been losing weight again and have not been very cheery. Sweet, chubby little Jou Jou B has been looking after me very well, but she could not work a magical cure for what ailed me.

Early in the evening, Dad told Mom I got sick to my stomach. Mom, who was ready for her first evening at home all week, got dressed again and took me to the dreaded vet. I expressed my disapproval all the way there. It did not help.

The vet examined me. I got x-rayed, poked (for blood tests and shots to make my stomach feel better), and scrubbed in my ears (the anti-thyroid cream tends to build up). I even had to provide some urine. Then Mom took me home. I made her feel less bad when I ate a bit.

This morning I just could not manage to eat. Nothing smelled good, although Mom even tried some Spot’s Stew. She called and left a message for the vet to call back with my test results. I could tell Mom was really worried about me. She even took a shower and got dressed to go out: very strange behavior for her on a Saturday.

Mom could tell by looking at me that I did not feel good.

The vet called Mom back this afternoon. I knew it would not be good news. Sure enough, I was put back in the carrier and taken to the vet again. Mom kept telling me what a good boy I was. I know she loves me. I also know I felt awful and just could not fight the thyroid problems and kidney problems, and possible heart problems any more. I was too tired.

Mom said goodbye and let me cross the Rainbow Bridge. I want you all to know that my best buddy, Patch the Pirate, and my other fursibs who had crossed before me were on the other side of the bridge, waiting to play with me. They wanted to know all about the rest of you who are left behind. I trust someday I will see you all again, in a place where there is no sickness or pain…just joy and gladness. Farewell!

Lazy Days Are Here Again

I am glad to report that lazy days are here again. We have no company this weekend. Grandma is spending the afternoon with Aunt Melissa. Dad is where he ALWAYS is: sitting on his posterior and watching a DVD on his computer. It is absolutely silent except for the sounds of the dryer in the other room and the plunking of Mom on her keyboard, taking my dictation.

It is chilly today. For the first time in quite a while Mom has to turn the heat on. This only adds to the ambience. Cuddle season is on its way. The orange invader has joined us: Jolie, Jenise, and me. He is sampling our food at the moment, but will soon return to his nap.

I just love lazy days! I wish we had more of them.

Sorry, Charlie!

I am always happy to see Grandma’s cat, Charlie, come down to visit. He loses his lunch (or breakfast or supper) more often than I do. Sorry, Charlie!

Itchy Belly?

Charlie seems to be a really cool cat, but he must have some underlying “issues.” He barbers his stomach. Grandma finds tufts of black fur all over her house. He has been to the vet for analysis, but there seems to be no physical illness or other detectable cause. Of course, he develops huge furballs! Sorry, Charlie!

Charlie, Go Home!

After Mom has to clean up one of his (how shall I say it politely?) “outputs,” she is happy to send him home again. He seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. For instance, Mom finally gets home, settles in on her laptop, and starts to read her email. What’s that sound she hears? Oh, no! Either Charlie or I have been “up to no good,” and Mom has to get up to clean up. I am always relieved when it is not MY fault Mom is annoyed.

I’m Trying to Be Sorry, Charlie!

It’s time for Mom to send you home now. Poor boy!

I think I’ll just lie here until I feel better.

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day? This is news to us, but apparently the topic is trending on Twitter. According to the Days of the Year website, August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Why Do We Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day?

According to Days of the Year,

“Because of superstitious beliefs in some cultures, black cats are sometimes associated with bad luck and, sadly, are more likely to be put to sleep or wait a long time to be adopted from shelters. Black Cat Appreciation Day was launched to show people that a black cat could be the perfect cat for them, and help raise awareness about black cats in general.

“If you’ve been looking for a rescue cat yourself, why not consider a black cat? Not only are the superstitions about them bringing bad luck completely untrue, but you might find a black cat to be a fantastic feline companion for you! On Black Cat Appreciation Day, a fun way to celebrate, if you own a black cat, is to take photos with your pet to share and spread awareness about the day on social media. Children can join in by drawing pictures of black cats.”

Who Cares, Anyway?

We have two excited members of the Feline Funny Farm. One of them is this cat:

The other is this lovely furgirl:

Both of these cats welcome your adulation and applause.

Happy International Cat Day

Who knew? It’s International Cat Day, and we almost missed the celebration. To all our feline furpals, we hope you are having a purrfect day.

Let’s Dance!

We admit we are a bit surprised that Mom did not take advantage of this occasion by adopting another kitty. Maybe she did not know this was a special day.