The Need for Speed


We are a little worried about Mom. She has become obsessed with the need for speed. We can’t seem to pry her away from her computer (or iPad or iPhone). She always has to be “tweaking” her websites. She spent a LONG time trying to get our website ready for publication and really loved the new theme. Then she discovered we were loading very slowly. How did she find out?


Mom says she uses lots of “tools” to discover the characteristics of the websites she works on. The latest seems to be a console through which she can work on any of the websites. It said we were SLOW. She did a search for other ways she could test us. Are we mobile friendly? Do we load fast enough? Is our page speed good? Will people on the internet stick around long enough to admire us? She found several testing sites, but they yielded inconsistent information. She wanted us to be FAST. What could she do about it?


Mom used Google (not Googlie) not only for its PageSpeed Insights but also for its search capabilities to find instructions on how to make us faster. We got cached and smushed and who knows what else? Did it help? Who knows? We certainly want Mom to start paying attention to the REAL us, not our online representations.

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