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PurrC Unveiled

Having gotten a foiled portrait of Hanz “da Bronze” made by Joy Chew, Shawna decided that the next target should be PurrC.

Backstory: After living with Shawna’s sister Judy for about a decade, PurrC moved to Royal Oak and became Melissa’s second cat in December 2021. Sadly, Melissa went home to be with the Lord in January 2022, and both PurrC and Choco became Bernita’s buddies. At least they did not have to move again, since Melissa had been living with Benita.


Knapp Kitties – Gallery Slider

Judy’s maiden name is “Fenner,” so her family’s cats belong on this site.

MJ’s Moggies – Gallery Post

MJ is a cousin of the Fenners, so her kitties have a place on this site. Pwitty Girl, more commonly known as PG, was MJ’s first pet. Sadly, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015. MJ’s current cats are Luckie Grace and Marcus Jehoshacat.