Hello, Pearl Grey!

Although we have not met her yet, we have a new inmate at the Feline Funny Farm. She is Pearl Grey, a 3-month-old kitten who was found badly injured in Bloomfield and brought to Gasow Veterinary Hospital to be euthanized. The nice vets there had other ideas. They repaired her injuries and removed most of her tail. She had help learning to use her back legs again, and was finally ready to find a home. When Mom took Mitchner in for a B12 shot, Dr. C. told Mom she had a kitten that she should consider adopting. Mom did think about it, and decided to go ahead. The kitten, originally named Karen, came home August 25.

Mom spent some time thinking about a new name for the mostly gray kitten. Aunt Melissa and Cousin MJ made some suggestions, but Mom was determined to find just the right name. Finally she came up with “Pearl Grey.” Mom and her family like Earl Grey tea, and Mom’s father was named Earl. Of course a girl kitty could not be named Earl, so Pearl was the closest option.

We are not sure we are all that anxious to meet Pearl Grey. The last addition to the family did a lot of hissing and growling. Mom says she still has a few medical issues to resolve before she can be “integrated” (whatever that means). We are content to wait.

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