Ten Cats Down on the Farm

Mom is very happy that both Pirate and Jolie Fille were able to come home (Jolie for the first time) Friday. Pirate seems to be doing much better, although I am not convinced he will tolerate Mom giving him fluids twice a week.

Neither Mom nor I was very confident about Jolie’s introduction to the Feline Funny Farm. Mom was worried that she would act like her sister Jou Jou B, thrashing around in the carrier and bouncing off the walls when she arrived. Mom was WAY off. Jolie went calmly into the carrier, not making a peep all the way home or since. She went nicely into the big cage and hid in her plush cube, until Mom swapped it for another cat bed so she could see her.

I was concerned because she is living in my corner of the Farm. I was not sure I could tolerate her. She is so mild-mannered (and a bit of a scaredy-cat) that I found no need to hiss at her. I think she will do just fine here, once she is used to us.

The most difficult aspect is learning to pronounce her name, which means “Pretty Girl” in French.

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