Bring My Buddy Home!

My best friend, C. P. Pirate, is STILL at the vet! He went in Saturday and has not come home. Mom has been worried about him. His original problem was constipation. On Sunday, he seemed to be completely without energy. They told Mom his potassium was low, and he tested positive for pancreatitis (which probably contributed to the deaths of my friends Purrin’Dot and Possum last year). Then he was drooping his head really badly, all bent over. This morning Mom got a call about his head twitching weirdly when he was being examined and maybe he would need to see a neurologist.

Mom rushed out of here to go see him. While she was there, our favorite vet–Dr. Reynolds–came in on her day off to see Pirate. Pirate lifted his head normally several times, ate a little for Mom, and leaped back in his cage when Dr. Reynolds took him out and stood him on the floor. She seemed more optimistic about Pirate’s condition, but does not think he is ready to come home yet.


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