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Lazy Days Are Here Again

I am glad to report that lazy days are here again. We have no company this weekend. Grandma is spending the afternoon with Aunt Melissa. Dad is where he ALWAYS is: sitting on his posterior and watching a DVD on his computer. It is absolutely silent except for the sounds of the dryer in the other room and the plunking of Mom on her keyboard, taking my dictation.

It is chilly today. For the first time in quite a while Mom has to turn the heat on. This only adds to the ambience. Cuddle season is on its way. The orange invader has joined us: Jolie, Jenise, and me. He is sampling our food at the moment, but will soon return to his nap.

I just love lazy days! I wish we had more of them.

Mom Humiliated on Mother’s Day

I am completely ashamed to be the oldest (adopted) sister of a cat who is now notorious on Facebook. What is worse, her behavior humiliated Mom on Mother’s Day.

Mom discovered the cause of her humiliation via e-mail. One of the nice veterinary technicians at Gasow posted the following: “Almost made it out of work without urine on me. Thanks miss patch!” Of course, that is our Patch the Pirate, who is hospitalized for the second time for a very nasty upper respiratory infection. In response to the post, someone commented that Patch is the “urine ninja.”

Patch the Pirate did WHAT?

Poor Mom! It looks like she did not bother to teach Patch any manners. The rest of us would never dream of behaving like that, especially not in public. Of all the days to behave badly, Patch had to choose Mother’s Day. I am deeply sorry that my loving and caring Mom was humiliated in this way.

What I can’t understand is why she and Dad were laughing about the “urine ninja.”

Mom later discovered that the post had been removed. I hope the nice technician realizes that Mom found the situation humorous, although she was sorry about the effects of Patch’s misbehavior.

Gone, But Never Forgotten

We kitties are very sad today because our sister Revelly, also known as “Webelly Whacky Tail,” crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. A call from the vet woke Mom up this morning, so we suspected the news was not good. The vet told Mom that Revelly had heart problems that became obvious this morning. Mom fed us, got cleaned up, and went to spend a little time with Revelly before she said goodbye. Revelly may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. We will see you again someday, Revelly!

Mama, It’s COLD Outside!

I am glad that the furnace has not gone out again…but somewhat glad it did that once, because Mom got two big space heaters. One of them has been running in the bedroom since Mom got home from teaching this evening. Mewchigan has been very cold this winter, and it is chilly in the basement without extra heat. We cats love to be toasty warm, and Mom knows it. I am also happy that my belly is full of supper, and Mom is here with Jolie, Jenise, and me.

“Mini Me” Is in the House

It seems Mom was not satisfied with one sweet young thing keeping me company in here. Jou Jou B is full of energy and very talkative (or maybe I should say “chirp-ative”). Old cats like me just want to sleep and get a little love from our human parents. Then Mom brought in another youngster. At first she did not seem so bad; she was not bouncing off walls, and she was quiet. Now that she has had some time to adjust to her new surroundings, Jolie is showing signs of becoming Jou Jou B’s “mini me.” She is starting to play with the Neko Flies Kittenator that Jou Jou loves. What is worse, she is starting to make noises…and she sounds like a muted version of Jou Jou. I suppose that it makes sense, since Jolie and Jou Jou are sisters. I do wish, however, for just a bit more peace and quiet.

Ten Cats Down on the Farm

Mom is very happy that both Pirate and Jolie Fille were able to come home (Jolie for the first time) Friday. Pirate seems to be doing much better, although I am not convinced he will tolerate Mom giving him fluids twice a week.

Neither Mom nor I was very confident about Jolie’s introduction to the Feline Funny Farm. Mom was worried that she would act like her sister Jou Jou B, thrashing around in the carrier and bouncing off the walls when she arrived. Mom was WAY off. Jolie went calmly into the carrier, not making a peep all the way home or since. She went nicely into the big cage and hid in her plush cube, until Mom swapped it for another cat bed so she could see her.

I was concerned because she is living in my corner of the Farm. I was not sure I could tolerate her. She is so mild-mannered (and a bit of a scaredy-cat) that I found no need to hiss at her. I think she will do just fine here, once she is used to us.

The most difficult aspect is learning to pronounce her name, which means “Pretty Girl” in French.