“Mini Me” Is in the House

It seems Mom was not satisfied with one sweet young thing keeping me company in here. Jou Jou B is full of energy and very talkative (or maybe I should say “chirp-ative”). Old cats like me just want to sleep and get a little love from our human parents.┬áThen Mom brought in another youngster. At first she did not seem so bad; she was not bouncing off walls, and she was quiet. Now that she has had some time to adjust to her new surroundings, Jolie is showing signs of becoming Jou Jou B’s “mini me.” She is starting to play with the Neko Flies Kittenator that Jou Jou loves. What is worse, she is starting to make noises…and she sounds like a muted version of Jou Jou. I suppose that it makes sense, since Jolie and Jou Jou are sisters. I do wish, however, for just a bit more peace and quiet.

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