Disappearance #3

For the third time in less than one month, we have a disappearance from the Feline Funny Farm. The first vanishing cat was Revelly, who–sadly–never returned to us. The second was our orange brother, Pawscar Awesome. He suddenly reappeared after two days. The newest mysterious absence is my best buddy, Patch the Pirate.

Last night Mom came home from her teaching job at BBI (what is that?), and looked around at all of us. Patch and I were napping on the table under the warm lamp. Mom came over, petted Patch, and then grabbed her up and put her in the carrier.

Patch the Pirate is NOT happy in the carrier.

I was quite surprised that Patch offered little resistance; she usually fights tooth and nail to avoid the dreaded carrier. Mom and the carrier went away, and now Patch is missing.

I surely do hope that this disappearance is not permanent.

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