Together Again

Bye Bye Vet!

After a whole week in that metal cage (or should I say torture chamber?) in the IV Room at the kitty hospital, I had begun to give up hope. Finally, two nights ago, Mom brought me home. My best buddy, C. P. Pirate, and I are together again.

I showed those people at the vet who was boss. I growled and hissed. I did not cooperate with them. I sulked in my cage. As a final statement about my displeasure, I peed on the leg of the tech who was putting me in my carrier so I could go home.

Hello Home!

I refused to talk to Mom all the way home. When we got here, I ran under the bed. Today Mom tried to remove the stupid white collar they put around my neck at the vet, but I would not allow her to do so. I want to remind her for a LONG time how mad I am for what she did to me.

I do think I am finally getting healthy again, in spite of the torture I endured. I am glad that my furpals and I are together again, and I have plenty of places to hide.

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