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Farewell, Friends! Hello, Patch!

This will be my last post. Farewell, friends!

Yesterday Mom could tell I was not feeling well. I have been losing weight again and have not been very cheery. Sweet, chubby little Jou Jou B has been looking after me very well, but she could not work a magical cure for what ailed me.

Early in the evening, Dad told Mom I got sick to my stomach. Mom, who was ready for her first evening at home all week, got dressed again and took me to the dreaded vet. I expressed my disapproval all the way there. It did not help.

The vet examined me. I got x-rayed, poked (for blood tests and shots to make my stomach feel better), and scrubbed in my ears (the anti-thyroid cream tends to build up). I even had to provide some urine. Then Mom took me home. I made her feel less bad when I ate a bit.

This morning I just could not manage to eat. Nothing smelled good, although Mom even tried some Spot’s Stew. She called and left a message for the vet to call back with my test results. I could tell Mom was really worried about me. She even took a shower and got dressed to go out: very strange behavior for her on a Saturday.

Mom could tell by looking at me that I did not feel good.

The vet called Mom back this afternoon. I knew it would not be good news. Sure enough, I was put back in the carrier and taken to the vet again. Mom kept telling me what a good boy I was. I know she loves me. I also know I felt awful and just could not fight the thyroid problems and kidney problems, and possible heart problems any more. I was too tired.

Mom said goodbye and let me cross the Rainbow Bridge. I want you all to know that my best buddy, Patch the Pirate, and my other fursibs who had crossed before me were on the other side of the bridge, waiting to play with me. They wanted to know all about the rest of you who are left behind. I trust someday I will see you all again, in a place where there is no sickness or pain…just joy and gladness. Farewell!

Lost and Lonely

For the past several days, I have been wandering around the house feeling lost and lonely. I can’t find my best friend, Patch. Everything was fine a couple months back. We were happy together, as you can see.

The two Pirates enjoy one another’s company.

Then Patch got sick. She had runny eyes and a runny nose. Then those symptoms went away. Soon she was wheezing when she breathed. You could hear the sound everywhere in the house. Patch felt so ill that she did not put up much resistance when Mom grabbed her, put her in the carrier, and took her away.


Patch was gone for a whole week. I was so lonely! Just when I started to worry that I would never see her again, Patch returned in the carrier. She wasn’t wheezing and seemed to be much better. Mom seemed hopeful that Patch would make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Patch started wheezing and gasping again. I could tell she did not feel as ill as before, because she displayed a great deal of feistiness when Mom tried to grab her. She scratched Mom, wouldn’t let Mom shut the carrier door, and hid where Mom couldn’t reach her.

Lonely Again

A couple days later Mom got tricky. She kept giving Patch the same food dish over and over again until Patch had almost completely finished her Friskies. Later Mom grabbed Patch and got her into the carrier. I have not seen my friend since.

I think something must have gone very wrong. Mom came home pretty late on Tuesday evening, and she seemed very sad. She has not been going to the vet twice a day like she had been. I keep waiting to see my buddy, Patch, but she is not here. I am so lonely!

Disappearance #3

For the third time in less than one month, we have a disappearance from the Feline Funny Farm. The first vanishing cat was Revelly, who–sadly–never returned to us. The second was our orange brother, Pawscar Awesome. He suddenly reappeared after two days. The newest mysterious absence is my best buddy, Patch the Pirate.

Last night Mom came home from her teaching job at BBI (what is that?), and looked around at all of us. Patch and I were napping on the table under the warm lamp. Mom came over, petted Patch, and then grabbed her up and put her in the carrier.

Patch the Pirate is NOT happy in the carrier.

I was quite surprised that Patch offered little resistance; she usually fights tooth and nail to avoid the dreaded carrier. Mom and the carrier went away, and now Patch is missing.

I surely do hope that this disappearance is not permanent.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

We hate to say this, but we think Mom may suffer from multiple personalities. One day she is nice and limits herself to messing with our ears (Pirate) and right eye (Pawscar). Then next day, she becomes someone else, attacking Pirate with a needle and bag of fluids and Pawscar with some yucky tasting liquid swill. We are unable to figure out anything we might have done to cause this predictable unpredictability. We are very pleasant kitties who, for the most part, mind our own business and hang with our friends. Is there anything we can do to keep “nice Mom” and eliminate “mean Mom?”

Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me?

Mom has a real vendetta against me. I can tell. First she commits me to the veterinary hospital for a week. Now she has this strange, bulgy plastic bag with numbers down the side. On the bottom of the bag is a long plastic tube with some sort of on-off switch. The worst part is on the end of the tube: a sharp point that Mom insists on sticking between my shoulders when I least expect it. Struggling does not seem to help. If Mom would just pick one place and a regular time, I might be able to hide and escape the torture. She tells me that the vet wants me to “get fluids” twice a week–a likely story. NOT!

Nobody Loves Me

While Revelly was getting her dentistry yesterday, Mom decided to haul ME off to the V-E-T. I don’t understand why. So what if I was sick to my stomach near the litterbox that morning? So what if I would not eat my breakfast? So what if I went in for the same thing in June? Can’t a cat make his own choices?

I guess not. They gave me fluids and a couple of enemas, and sent me home. You would think Mom would be glad to have me back. NOT! She hauled me back in there again today, just because I still wasn’t eating, and the procedures yesterday had not worked. Now I am stuck in several ways: I got bloodwork, an IV to administer fluids, more enemas, and no trip home.