When in Doubt, EAT!

It’s been another quiet day here at the Funny Farm. With a low of -10° F expected here in Mewchigan, there is little reason for my humans to go out except to work (today was Dad’s first day back since being hospitalized in late January) or to care for a family member’s cats (Grandma does a shift in the morning and Mom in the evening). Mom was hoping for a call from a local compounding pharmacy (whatever that is) for a prescription for Patch, who seems to have a bad cold but would not cooperate with the usual means of administering medicine nor eat any food to which it had been added (maybe the cherry flavor was too much for her). No call yet.

As for me, since I have nothing better to do, having a few morsels of dry chow sounds like a great idea to me. Mom has to admit that my sisters (Jolie and Jenise) and I are on the chubby side, She would prefer us to eat canned food (not as fattening). I do not cooperate much with that, and Jenise absolutely rejects the whole idea, Only Jolie makes a worthy attempt to please Mom. Then there’s Googlie, who really chows down on her canned food!

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