Mom is still amazed at how daring I am becoming. She took some photos of me in her bedroom this morning when I came in to join Googlie, Jou Jou B, Jolie, and Jenise, and made myself at home in the little “cave bed.” We cats love to give our humans surprises!


Hey, I am handsome even with a squint.

I am squinting because Mom is still putting that dumb drop in my right eye twice a day.

When Mom got home from work this afternoon, she and Grandma took my Aunt Toshi Purrs-a-Lot to the dreaded V-E-T, Toshi did not eat or move from one particular spot in the living room all day, and she seemed a bit congested. The vet prescribed azithromycin liquid for her. Mom got some for Patch, who is also congested. Good luck getting any of that stuff into Patch! Patch was too smart to eat that “doctored up” food this evening. I don’t think Toshi appreciated the surprises she got today.

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