I Dodged a Bullet

I should have known something fishy (and not in a good sense) was going on when Mom brought that large rectangular box with the metal-barred door into her bedroom again yesterday. It has been gone for a long time, but last time it was here, it led to no end of troubles for me. She put some really nice catnip inside the box, and I thought that made it a great place to take a nap. Then I ended up at the vet for several days.

Mom tried the same tactic today, and I almost fell for it. She nearly had that door closed when I caught on to her plan. I pushed out of there so hard and so fast that she could not keep me inside. Nice try, Mom! She tried to tell me I would not be stuck in the hospital again; all I need is something called a “vaccine.” I do not know what that is, and I do not want to find out.

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