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The Orange Invader

That orange invader is back! Doesn’t he know that Mom’s bedroom is for girls only? What’s worse is that he is sitting on Mom’s lap, just purring away and shedding all over Mom’s keyboard. I think he must be one of the aliens Roy Thinnes was pursuing on that old 1960’s TV show Mom used to watch.

Pawscar monopolizes Mom’s lap.

I am pretending not to notice him. Maybe I’ll just take a nap. Orange invader, go home!


I Dodged a Bullet

I should have known something fishy (and not in a good sense) was going on when Mom brought that large rectangular box with the metal-barred door into her bedroom again yesterday. It has been gone for a long time, but last time it was here, it led to no end of troubles for me. She put some really nice catnip inside the box, and I thought that made it a great place to take a nap. Then I ended up at the vet for several days.

Mom tried the same tactic today, and I almost fell for it. She nearly had that door closed when I caught on to her plan. I pushed out of there so hard and so fast that she could not keep me inside. Nice try, Mom! She tried to tell me I would not be stuck in the hospital again; all I need is something called a “vaccine.” I do not know what that is, and I do not want to find out.

There’s No Place Like Home

Finally! I thought it might never happen: Mom came today and brought me home. I even recognized the place after been gone 8 days. Now I can settle back in and, Mom hopes, overcome my shyness. I know I still have her a bit concerned because I am still favoring my left front paw. Doesn’t she know it takes time to heal?

I Did It, But I Didn’t Mean To

I have been here for eight days now. Mom finally gave up on the cage. Wonder if it had to do with the “altercation” on Sunday evening, when she tried to return me to the cage…and I bit her. She never even came home the next night, even though Allicat cried and cried for her. Cousin MJ fed and cared for us cats, but gave me a wide berth. Mom was in the hospital, getting IV antibiotics.

She never yelled at me, but I am scared to come out…except at night when it is dark and quiet. She plays with my sister, Jou Jou B, like nothing is wrong. She pets Allicat and both she and Jou Jou sleep on her bed at night. Maybe it’s safe to come out. I am thinking about it….