Today a suspicious person visited our house. He came downstairs (where we live) and made weird noises in the room next to ours. Mom and Dad were talking about a plumber (whatever that is) and a new bathroom faucet. After 90 minutes or so the man went upstairs, but I could still hear his voice for a while.

I am not fond of strangers. After this one was gone and Mom was about to go to work, she started doing one of her usual “cat counts.” She found everyone but me. I thought I had found the perfect hiding place: cozy, dark, and out of sight. Suddenly the door to my hiding place slammed shut. I was trapped!

Mom has been trying to get me to the vet for a while now, because I am more than a year overdue for shots. I am very talented at avoiding capture, and I am strong. Today, however, my desire for privacy defeated me.

Mom told Dad she did not want to be late for work, but just had to take this opportunity to get me in for vaccinations. I complained, but not too loudly. I hid under the bedding in the carrier. Nothing changed Mom’s mind.

We arrived at the veterinary hospital. Mom and I were taken to a room. It seemed like forever before I was allowed out. Then I encountered another stranger: Dr. R. Mom apparently knows her well. Dr. R. poked me in the sides, listened to my heart, and tried to look in my mouth. I squirmed and struggled. Dr. R. took me into another room. I was stabbed several times. My nails were clipped. Finally, Dr. R. took me back to Mom and told her to call Friday for the “results.”

Mom is lucky I don’t hold a grudge. Besides, most of the time she treats me well, I know she loves me.

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