Spatz Just Gotta Have Fun

The Means

I have discovered a great new way to have fun and annoy not only my fellow felines at the Funny Farm but also my parents. I got part of the idea from Gobblin’ Goopuss, but he just is not creative enough. I wait until Mom and Dad have been asleep for quite a while. Then I find Jou Jou B or Cara Mia, and jump on whichever one I locate. Then I start wrestling with┬ámy opponent, who gets very aggravated and growls and hisses at me. Sometimes the noise is sufficient to wake Mom or Dad…or even both. Dad always wants to know what’s going on. Mom just gets out of bed and chases the combatants apart, if I am not fast enough to run and hide. I like it best when I choose a time about a half hour or so before Mom’s alarm is due to go off. That way she probably won’t be able to get back to sleep.

The End

How do I justify such rascally behavior? Dad spends all day sitting at his computer with weird stuff on his head looking at moving pictures. He does not like it when I try to be friendly with him. Mom spends most of her days hiding from us. I am not sure she is even in the house at all. I am a handsome young kitty with needs to meet. One of those is to have fun.

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