Where, O Where Did My Little Sis Go?

Mom was engaged in some very suspicious activity today, and now Jolie Fille is missing. This morning Mom was rearranging stuff in our living space. The large box with a metal door was moved out of hiding from its place under the desk. Soft bedding was put inside. Then Mom left.

When she came back later,┬áMom brought a tube of some sort of flaky substance and put some into the box on the bedding. Before heading to dinner she looked in on us. Allicat was on the bed and I was out and about. Jolie was in the box, enjoying something Mom called “catnip.” A little later she came back and entered our room. Suddenly she shut the door on the box, and Jolie was trapped inside. Mom carried the box away.

Mom was gone a long time. When she returned, there was no box and no Jolie. Where did she go? What did she do with my sister?!?!?!?!

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