November 2015: A Bad Month for the Funny Farm

November 2015 has been a bad month for the Feline Funny Farm. In fact, the whole year has been awful for us! This time it is our longest resident who has gone OTRB.

About Allicat

Allicat had kidney stones. They were discovered on an x-ray in 2009. Mom took her to the vet at recommended intervals for blood work to monitor her kidney values. Other than some dental extractions and other occasional minor health issues, our Googlie Girl remained fairly stable and generally happy. Her kidney values had improved slightly in June, and she got her vaccines in October.

In mid-November, Mom noticed that Googlie’s appetite was not quite up to par, and she was pawing her mouth between bites of canned food. Back to the vet she went on November 18. There was no apparent problem in her mouth, but the vet suspected a possible problem at or below the gum line. The vet cleaned her ears, noting some bacteria, and prescribed ear drops. She also collected blood and urine samples.

Two days later, Mom got the test results: Googlie’s kidney values had dropped a bit more, which seemed encouraging. The vet suggested that Mom bring Googlie back in for an antibiotic injection because she was still pawing her mouth and might have an infection in the gums. Upon reexamining Googlie, the vet also proposed a dental x-ray and possible dentistry in about a month’s time…until she noticed that Googlie was breathing rather heavily (which Mom had occasionally noticed at home). A chest x-ray revealed serious problems: Googlie’s heart was quite enlarged (due to a tumor or congestive heart failure), and there was fluid around her lungs. It was like having a ticking time bomb inside; when it “went off,” the results would be truly horrible for Googlie. The vet recommended euthanasia (which was not common), and Mom agreed. She held Googlie Girl as she said goodbye. Googlie was the oldest kitty, and had been with Mom and Dad since December 1998.

About the Vet

When Mom took Allicat to the vet that day, she had no inkling that she would be bidding her goodbye. As it happened, her cell phone had no charge at the very moment she wanted to take some farewell photos. Dr. C. was so kind! She took some photos with her own phone and sent them to Mom.

Mom says “goodbye” to Googlie Girl.

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