Missing Purrson

Something fishy is going on at the Feline Funny Farm. One of our oldest residents has been missing since Tuesday. Revelly (aka Whacky Tail) has made several trips in the cat carrier over the last week. She returned to the Farm last Thursday and Saturday, but since MomĀ  absconded with her Tuesday, we have not seen her.

There is a rumor circulating that she is in the hospital. I heard Mom saying stuff to Dad about PO-TASS-SEE-UM (is that anything like “no-see-ums”?) being too high. This afternoon Mom seemed to be having a long telephone conversation with someone about Revelly’s appetite, a newly detected heart arrhythmia, and the dreaded FLUIDS.

Please bring our furpal back soon, I need someone to harass, and Revelly growls and swats magnificently.

I am NOT happy to be here!


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