Lost My Lunch…and Last Night’s Supper

For some reason that I cannot comprehend, Mom seems to be picking on me lately. Two weeks ago she hauled me all over creation. I tried to tell her I was sick to my stomach, but she just kept driving. Finally, I just SHOWED her (from both ends) how she was making me feel. After all that wandering we ended up–where else?–at a veterinary hospital. I got drops in the eyes, had bright lights shined at me, was shaved on the belly, got x-rayed and ultra-sounded, and was forced to donate my blood. Lucky for me, Mom eventually came back and took me home.

I thought my ordeal was over, but NO! Mom started putting a drop in my right eye twice every day. About a week later, she started giving me this yechy “chicken-flavored” liquid twice a day, too. I have tried to endure all this like the AWESOME kitty that I am. I kept on hoping it would stop, and we could get back to normal.

No such luck! Today Mom jammed me in a carrier again, a bigger one this time, but a carrier nonetheless. Off in the car we went. I politely complained. I became fairly insistent. Mom did not listen, so I had to demonstrate my unhappiness visibly…just like before. Again we arrived at this special veterinary hospital–me all messy and stinky–so the ophthalmologist could repeat her examinations of my eyes. I heard her tell Mom that the surface of my right eye looked much better, and that the inflammation in the back of my eyes had been reduced in some areas. I thought this was good news until she said she wanted to see me once more in a week or two. ANOTHER trip to dread! If my eyes are still inflamed they are considering taking some fluid from my eye(s)…an OPERATION!!! Please, Mom, no more!

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