Drugged and Taken

Patch the Pirate is missing again. This morning Mom added something the vet gave her to Patch’s breakfast. It turns out that Patch was drugged and taken away in the big carrier. I am glad it wasn’t me!

I know Mom was at her wits’ end. Patch, after seeming well on the road to recovery, seems to have suffered a relapse. The heavy, congested-sounding breathing that echoed through our living space day in and day out had to be treated, and it couldn’t happen here. The vet proposed some special testing to determine what “bug” has infected our poor fursib so she could get the proper (and lasting) treatment she needs.

Mom tried to trap Patch earlier this week without success, and was clawed for her efforts. Patch rewarded Mom with hisses every time she approached after that. Capture seemed impossible.

Desperate circumstances call for drastic measures. In this case, it led to Patch the Pirate being drugged and taken back to the kitty hospital, where Dr. R. will attempt to discover what ails her.

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