A Devastating Loss

It is never a good day to suffer a devastating loss. Sunday, March 3, 2019, was a no good, very bad day.

Vet Visit #1

On Thursday evening, February 28, Shawna took Charlie Chompers and Mitchner McGarrulous to see Dr. T. at Gasow. Charlie, after getting a glowing report from Dr. E. at Blue Pearl in January, had little to no appetite. Mitchner was experiencing his second bout of inflammatory bowel disease in February.

Charlie had lost nearly a pound (10% of his body weight) in a month. Both cats had blood drawn for testing and were given treatment for their respective problems. Dr. T. instructed Shawna to call for the results on Sunday. Before she could do that, Dr. T. left a voicemail message early on Sunday morning with bad news about Charlie’s tests. His kidney values were very high. It might be possible to treat him with IV fluids in the hospital, but there was a risk because of his heart problems. Shawna called back and promised to bring Charlie in that day.

Vet Visit #2

After church, Bernita and Melissa said goodbye to Charlie. Shawna put him in the cat carrier, and she and Mary Jane took him back to Gasow.

It was time to say goodbye. Of all the kitties we have known, Charlie was a real standout. He was fearless and self-confident, the alpha cat at the Feline Funny Farm. He made himself at home from the moment he arrived and had everyone wrapped around his little paws. We will ALL miss him!


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